17 January 2024
Dan Taren

The Importance of Onboarding

One of the most difficult challenges of any consumer app is educating users on the features within your application. The challenge is usually two-fold:

1. Getting users motivated enough to spend the time to learn the features
2. The actual process of teaching users your features in a concise way

This process is monotonous, but it is also one of the most important processes within a consumer app. According to a study done by Userpilot, 63% of customers think onboarding is key to deciding to subscribe to a product and 74% of potential customers will switch to other solutions if the onboarding process is complicated. Clearly, this is an extremely important process, and is one that gamification can be used to materially improve.

How to Gamify User Education

At Scrimmage, we built our quest system to alleviate pain points by gamifying user education. Our goal is to incentivize your user base to take the actions you most want them to take. According to a study from Zipdo, 72% of people believe that they would be more motivated to learn if their coursework was more game-like. Additionally, employee training and onboarding programs with gamification elements can increase engagement by 60%. This makes our quest system incredibly impactful for getting users to learn your product through your onboarding process and motivated to get over the hump on processes that typically users get hung up on (verifying identity, linking bank information, first-time deposit, etc).

Not only is our quest system powerful for onboarding, but also for continuous education. According to the same study by Userpilot, 86% of the customers say they will remain loyal if onboarding and continuous education are provided. So, not only do you need to teach your users at the beginning of their user journey, but also when you inevitably roll out new features.

Our system is incredibly robust, allowing companies to segment their users and provide them custom and personalized quests, including:

1. Questlines – Companies can group quests together that must be completed one after the other in order to get a reward. This is perfect for providing education and rewards for each part of onboarding users.
2. Solo quests – User completes an action on their own
3. Group quests – A group of users (you can group users through tags) completes an action together
4. Time sensitive quest – Quest must be accepted and/or completed in a given range of time
5. Scheduled quest – Companies can schedule as many quests as they want ahead of time
6. AI generated quests – Use our AI tool to generate quests for your users based on their user tags

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