20 February 2024
Dan Taren

According to a study by Mckinsey, 71% of users expect companies to give them interactions that are personalized to them and 76% get annoyed with a company when the product does not feel personalized. Providing a personalized experience in any industry is essential to maintaining users long-term and it is a massive area of potential value creation for companies not currently providing personalization as a part of their user experience.

There are many ways to make users feel like your product is built specifically for them, but first you must identify the different kind of users you have. Import your user segments from any software provider you currently use, or have Scrimmage automatically begin to create them for you based on your data.

Once we have helped you identify the different types of users you have, we can provide them with:

  1. Quests that are tailored specifically to actions you want them taking (e.g. A company that tracks fitness data and sells fitness gear creates a quest for a user tagged as “Runner” to buy their newest sneaker designed for distance runners).
  2. Badges that are given as a reward for completing an action (e.g. A company that tracks fitness data and sells fitness gear rewards a user the “Half-Marathon Badge” tagged as “Runner” after the user logs the completion of their first half marathon).
  3. Rewards that are tailored to a specific user (e.g. A company that tracks fitness data and sells fitness gear allows a user tagged as “Runner” to redeem their reward balance in The RunnerBox Gift Box).

All of this can be set up easily using our engine. Do not wait months to begin adding a personal touch to your user journeys. It can keep users around longer and make them spend more. According to that same McKinsey study, 78% of users said personalization makes them more likely to repurchase. Reduce your churn, improve your retention, and make each user more likely to repurchase simply by adding the feeling of personalization.

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