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What is Scrimmage

Scrimmage is a game that rewards you $SCRIM tokens for betting at your sportsbook accounts.

$SCRIM is our game’s currency, which you can redeem for rewards or use to upgrade your NFTs, purchase new ones, and boost your earnings in game.

To begin earning, a you must sign-up and mint a Dragon NFT. Additionally, you must link your sportsbook accounts on our dashboard. This is required to verify your betting results so we can reward you for betting.

Each Dragon with Jersey is unique and has specific attributes that directly affect the amount you earn while betting. These attributes can be upgraded when playing, resulting in additional earnings.

Meet the Team



Matt is a former professional gambler and knows the ins and outs of the gambling industry. He is passionate about Scrimmage because of its potential to merge traditional sportsbook infrastructure with the benefits provided in web3. 



Fled the war in Ukraine while simultaneously leading Scrimmage’s development. Yev is the former technical lead at a Top 10 Upwork agency and is the inspiration for Scrimmage’s commitment to give a percentage of profits back to the Ukrainian community.



Started his career as an analyst on Wall Street. Using his financial knowledge he co-founded a sports betting hedge fund in 2019. Dan believes the future of sports betting is through web3, providing significantly more benefit to bettors than the current outdated system.    


Head of Brand Strategy

Mike has had a heavy presence in the sports media world for the last couple of years. Mike has used his knowledge to help grow the Scrimmage brand and bring new ideas to the table from an avid sports fans perspective, helping mold the product into something sports bettors love. He believes Scrimmage will make sports betting more enjoyable and competitive.


Head Developer

Vova likes games and high-quality software products. Vova develops games in his spare time and believes that games and gamification are the key to the future of applications. His #1 priority is the high quality and stability of the application.


Hero of Scrimmage

Jakaria is the unselfish hero of Scrimmage, using his magical powers to earn $SCRIM and share his bounty with everyone in the Scrimmage community.


  • When you enter the Scrimmage app you will be prompted to enter an activation code. You can receive this code through the Scrimmage Discord or one of our community partners
  • You will receive a free Dragon with Jersey NFT that will allow you to start playing the game and earn $SCRIM
  • The last step is to link your sportsbook accounts. Now you are ready to go! 
  • When you win a bet you will be rewarded with $SCRIM based on the dollar amount you win betting. Pay attention to your daily bankroll limit. This lets you know how much more you need to win betting to max out your $SCRIM earnings
  • The better your Dragon’s attributes the more $SCRIM will earn per dollar won betting
  • Upgrade your dragon with the $SCRIM you are rewarded to earn more $SCRIM. If you continue to max out your bankroll, head to the marketplace to purchase additional Dragon NFTs. Every NFT you own in your inventory will unlock another $50 daily bankroll
  • You can equip your Dragon in your inventory. Once you equip your Dragon, it will remain equipped and you will be able to earn $SCRIM based on the attributes of your equipped dragon
  • You do not place bets through Scrimmage. Instead we link to your sportsbook accounts to verify that you are making bets and reward you for placing those bets
  • We can verify your betting results from any of the following sportsbooks:
  • DraftKings, FanDuel, Caesars, BetMGM, PointsBet, Barstool, PrizePicks, Underdog, WynnBet, Borgata, Foxbet, Fubo, and more to come
  • The game is available to the U.S. and Canada for those that have an account or can create an account and place a bet at one of our sportsbook partners. At this time, this is only available to a select number of U.S. states. The good news is we are quickly expanding the sportsbooks and countries that we work with. If we don’t currently work with your sportsbook please let us know in our discord in the feedback chat!
  • Your bankroll tells you how much more you need to win betting to max out your $SCRIM earnings for the day. Every Dragon NFT you own adds an additional $50 to your bankroll
  • E.g. If you have 3 Dragon NFTs in your inventory you need to win $150 USD betting today (3 x $50 bankroll per Dragon) to maximize your $SCRIM earnings
  • Bankroll resets at 10am EST everyday
  • Each additional Dragon with Jersey in your inventory adds an additional $50 in bankroll. This means the more Dragon with Jersey NFTs you own, the more you can earn
  • For example, if you want to target $200 in betting profit a day, you should purchase 4 Dragon with Jersey NFTs to maximize your $SCRIM earnings
  • Because it gives you ownership of your Dragon! Meaning you can sell your dragon if you don’t want it anymore. If Scrimmage was a boring web2 game you would buy a Dragon and play Scrimmage, but you wouldn’t ever be able to get monetary value from the game. Web3 and NFTs solve that
  • You will need to collect your $SCRIM on each day you bet by clicking the “Collect $SCRIM” button on your home page. You have up to 24 hours from when the bet settles to collect. So be sure to collect everyday!
  • At the moment we do not reward $SCRIM for fantasy betting, however in the near future we will look to partner with fantasy providers to allow for this
  • In the near future Scrimmage will allow players to withdraw their $SCRIM to their wallet address. You will then be able to sell your $SCRIM at the current market price. The more players on Scrimmage, the higher the price of $SCRIM is likely to be. So spread the word!
  • We take small taxes from in-app activities, such as NFT trading and minting. We also have partnerships with sportsbooks that pay us for bringing them new customers. All assets in the Scrimmage app are owned by individual users and the majority of earnings in the app are made by users

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