You Wager, You Win

It is that simple. Scrimmage doesn’t take your money when you lose, we reward you simply for the activity of betting. All bonus!

The companies you are familiar with: FanDuel, DraftKings, BetMGM, etc. They all make money when you lose. Plus they take a fee when you win, called the VIG or juice. This business model has proven very profitable for them and it leads to 95% of bettors losing money over time. As bettors ourselves, we wanted a product that took the side of the bettor.

Scrimmage is that product. We partner with the sportsbooks, so we have the power to give some of their profit back to you. Now when you wager, you win whatever you would have from the sportsbook, plus cryptocurrency from Scrimmage.

You wager, you win. Happy Betting!

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