SCRIM token


Why You Should Want $SCRIM

When you bet at your sportsbooks you earn $SCRIM, but why should you want it?

$SCRIM is the token you get for playing the Scrimmage game and it works like cash back on your bets. It is a cryptocurrency that is backed by the revenue that sportsbooks make when you lose a bet. And becase of our partnerships with the sportsbooks, we can give you a portion of your losses back, aka $SCRIM.

The best part is you don’t even have to change the way you bet. Bet how you already do with your favorite sportsbooks, with the one added step of clicking collect $SCRIM on the app each day you bet.

So what can you do with $SCRIM?
1) Sell it. $SCRIM is a cryptocurrency that has real world value. You can withdrawal $SCRIM from the app and sell it in on a crypto exchange.
2) Use it to upgrade your NFTs, buy new NFTs, and advance your ability to earn even more $SCRIM through the Scrimmage app. The more you invest into the game, the more payout you get. Players that choose this route typically earn much more $SCRIM over the long run.

If it sounds like a no brainer, it is! $SCRIM is bonus for the bets you already make. Happy betting!


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