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Trae Young Puts Up 31 in First Quarter in the Preseason

Jonathan Bachman | Getty Images Sport | Getty Images

On Saturday October 8th,  the Atlanta Hawks were participating in the Abu Dhabi version of the NBA preseason against the Milwaukee Bucks.

Though the Antetkounmpos and Middletons of the world were not participating heavily in the game, if at all, it was a fine performance to see from the Atlanta Hawks point guard Trae Young. Young went off for for 31 points putting on a show with the multiple threes, slashes through the lane, and nice assists. Young just looked like the best player on the floor, which he probably was for the afternoon.

“It’s just preseason.” Yeah yeah we know, but the significant point that analytics and fans will continue to bring up until Trae Young actually becomes this is that he is one of the next great players of the NBA. Young and the Hawks will not be amateur forever. There will be big time moments, big time games, and big time plays that will actually matter when he shoots.

We love seeing Young hit logo shots, get past defenders in a way that embarasses them, but we can’t wait until we see it and the stakes behind it are high. Maybe this will be a good match up in the regular season we never know, but great job to Atlanta beating Milwaukee twice in this two-game stretch of preseason games.

Ten more days until the NBA season kicks off, and we’re more than ready for it!

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