Tony DeAngelo Benched for a Third Straight Game – Troubles Continue

Photo: AP

Tony DeAngelo is a healthy scratch for the third straight game, highlighting his ongoing off-ice issues. Explore the challenges facing the talented defenseman and his future in the NHL.

Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Tony DeAngelo finds himself a healthy scratch for the third consecutive game, signaling further issues for the talented yet controversial player. When asked about how the competitive DeAngelo is handling the situation, Flyers head coach John Tortorella admitted he hasn’t spoken to him about it.

DeAngelo’s on-ice performance isn’t the issue, as the 27-year-old defenseman has produced impressive numbers this season, scoring 11 goals and adding 31 assists for a total of 42 points in 70 games. However, his off-ice behavior, attitude, and interpersonal skills have been the primary concerns throughout his NHL career.

The Flyers are DeAngelo’s fourth NHL organization, and it appears that his time with the team could be coming to an end due to his ongoing off-ice issues. DeAngelo has had problems with every team he has been a part of, leading to an unstable career that has seen him bouncing from one organization to another.

It’s a disappointing situation for both DeAngelo and the Flyers, as the defenseman has shown flashes of brilliance on the ice. However, his inability to maintain positive relationships with teammates and coaches, coupled with his controversial off-ice behavior, has made it difficult for teams to justify keeping him on their roster.

As the Flyers continue to weigh their options with DeAngelo, it remains to be seen if another NHL organization will take a chance on the troubled defenseman. With each subsequent incident, the likelihood of DeAngelo finding a stable home in the NHL becomes less likely.

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