These teams are dominating while playing a man down this season

Dennis Schneidler-USA TODAY Sports

The Penalty kill is a hard job, but with most teams being 6+ games into the season, a couple teams and players are doing an extraordinary job on the PK.

3. St. Louis Blues

The St. Louis Blues are currently the third best team on the kill this season, but are also the least penalized team in the league but a good amount. The Blues have only taken 9 penalties, 6 less than anyone else in the entire league. While that is very impressive, they have also killed off every single one of those penalties, for a PK% of 100 so far this season. The Blues are doing an amazing job and not taking penalties AND killing them off.

2. Detroit Red Wings

The Red Wings are another team doing amazing work on the penalty kill. They have taken a lot more penalties than the Blues, almost double, coming in at 17 penalties this season. The Red Wings have killed off all 17, keeping a perfect track record when a man down.

1. New York Islanders

The Islanders have take more penalties this season than the Red Wings, 5 to be exact. Of those 22 penalties, they have kill off every single one. 22/22 so far this season while a man down.

Which of these 3 teams can keep the 100% streak going the longest?

Honorable mentions:

San Jose Sharks, 24/25 kill off, Boston Bruins, 20/22 killed off, and Dallas Stars, 27/30 killed off.

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