The Freddie Freeman Drama Continues

What a week for Freddie Freeman. After an emotional return to Atlanta he has fired his agent and a massive game of he said, she said has broken out. Let take a look at all sides and see what’s really happening.  

Freeman was incredibly emotional in his return to Atlanta.

So much so that it seems like some of his current Dodgers teammates took offense.

Freeman was obviously a star in Atlanta, but we have seen homegrown players move on to other teams and not have such emotional reactions in the past. It felt as if something was off. A few days later it is reported that Freeman had been complaining to his friends about how the free agent negotiations had gone. This lead to Freeman firing his agent and creating even more tension in the Dodgers locker room.

Here is where things start to go off the rails. Sports media personality Doug Gottlieb tweeted out an incredible accusation about Freemans former agent Casey Close (Why we are believing the word of a man who stole his classmates credit card and used them is beyond me but that is a story for another day).


These are massive accusations that would end an agents career. Especially when the entire sports media world runs with the story.

Close has responded and did not pull any punches while defending himself.

This story is not going anywhere and unless the Dodgers win a ring this season, the locker room will be under a microscope, dissecting every interaction between Freeman and his new teammates.

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