Senators’ Josh Norris Chased His Teammates Dog Through The Streets of Ottawa

Jana Chytilova/Freestyle Photo/Getty Images

Ottawa Senators' forward, Josh Norris, shares a hilarious story about dog-sitting for his teammate, Anton Forsberg, providing fans with a delightful glimpse into the off-ice lives of NHL players.

Ottawa Senators’ forward, Josh Norris, recently took to Twitter to share a hilarious and endearing story about his experience dog-sitting for his teammate, Anton Forsberg. Norris’ tale of chasing Forsberg’s dog through the streets of Ottawa has left fans amused and entertained.

Norris described the situation in his tweet, stating, “Great dog and really fast. I learned the hard way yesterday when I let him out of the house with no leash. Was chasing him through the streets of Ottawa in jeans for a good 20min. I’d be surprised if Forsy lets me dog sit for him again.”

As a Senators fan, one can only imagine the amusement of witnessing one of the team’s star players sprinting down the street in pursuit of an energetic dog.

While it remains to be seen whether Anton Forsberg will entrust Josh Norris with dog-sitting duties again, this story has undoubtedly brought a smile to the faces of Ottawa Senators fans and hockey enthusiasts alike. It’s moments like these that remind us that professional athletes are human, and sometimes, their off-ice escapades can be just as entertaining as the games themselves.

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