Saying Goodbye to the Power 5?

The college football world as everyone knows is made up of 10 conferences, the power
5 which are the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC), the Big Ten Conference, the Big 12
Conference, the Pacific 12 Conference, the Southeastern Conference (SEC), and the
group of 5, the American Conference, the Conference-USA, the Midamerican
Conference, the Mountain West Conference and the Sun Belt Conference.

Things have been shaken up though, as teams from each conference have been
looking to move and get offered to make more money in the other conferences. Texas
and Oklahoma, who are a part of the Big 12, made the first move this past winter to join
the SEC and grow the conference to 16 teams by 2025. Although Texas and Oklahoma
would now like to join in 2024 or as soon as they can because they believe bigger
competition in the SEC leads to better play style, better recruits, more money and a shot
at becoming one of the top programs in the country like Alabama.

USC and UCLA, both solid programs out of the Pacific 12 conference, made the next
move just at the end of June, as they will become a part of the Big Ten Conference as
soon as 2024. The Big Ten Conference does not look to stop there either as they have
now closed in on fellow Pacific 12 foes Oregon and Washington. Which leads to a
striking question, where would the other Pacific 12 teams go?

Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado and Utah all solid programs out of that Conference
have been targeted by the Big 12 and could possibly expand the Conference to 16
teams just like the SEC. Although the Big 12 have also aimed at adding Oregon and
Washington to the conference, both of those teams have said they will wait on the Big
Ten and continue to wait. Stanford, California and other Pacific 12 teams have talked
about getting rid of their football programs all together, which is surprising for Stanford
as they have had good programs in the past. There have also been conversations that
say the Big 12 conference could be adding teams like Cincinnati out of the American
conference, Brigham Young out of the Independants, and many others to try and keep
up with the SEC and the Big Ten.

The Alabama Crimson Tide celebrates after gang tackled Cincinnati Bearcats wide receiver Tyler Scott (21) in the second quarter during the College Football Playoff semifinal game at the 86th Cotton Bowl Classic, Friday, Dec. 31, 2021, at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.Creator: Kareem Elgazzar/The Enquirer | Credit: Kareem Elgazzar/The Enquirer

The SEC has also closed in on many ACC teams to join the Conference, teams like
Clemson, Florida State and the University of Miami FL. Notre Dame, despite joining the
ACC for a short time during Covid, says they might possibly get out of the Independants
and join the Big Ten which would pose well for the rivalries they already have with
teams in the Big Ten like Michigan, Michigan State and USC.

Creator: Matt Cashore Copyright: Matt Cashore

With things shaking up in the college football conferences like this, it would nonetheless
surprise me if the Big Ten conference and the SEC weigh out all the other conferences
and become the only 2 conferences left in the country which would make them SUPER

The College football world is changing drastically and we are destined to see more
changes in the coming years which could lead us to saying goodbye to the Power 5 and
hello to the Super 2.

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