Sabres’ Playoff Hopes Still Alive After Hitting Highest Win Total in 12 Years

Jay LaPrete/AP

Buffalo Sabres' playoff hopes are still alive after a win against the New York Rangers, but the road ahead remains challenging. Can the team defy the odds and make their first playoff appearance in years?

The Buffalo Sabres’ playoff hopes remain alive following a crucial victory against the New York Rangers. For the first time in 12 years, the Sabres have reached the 40-win milestone. However, the road to the playoffs is still steep, with the team facing a tight race for the final spots.

With three games remaining, the Sabres have amassed 87 points, while the Penguins have 90 points and two games left. The Islanders and Panthers each have one game remaining, holding 91 and 92 points, respectively. To secure a playoff spot, the Sabres must win all three of their remaining games and hope that two of the three teams above them lose the rest of their matches.

The Sabres will start this challenging journey with a game against the New Jersey Devils tonight. Regardless of whether they make the playoffs, this season has been a significant step forward for a franchise that has struggled for years.

Buffalo’s team is led by superstar Tage Thompson, who has an impressive 46 goals and 47 assists, totaling 93 points in 76 games this season. He is closely followed by Skinner (75 points), Tuch (75 points), and Dahlin (72 points).

The Sabres’ primary concern is their goaltending, which has been a weak point throughout the season. Buffalo has used four different goalies, with two of them posting below .900 save percentages and three of them having a goals-against average of over 3.00.

As the Sabres look to defy the odds and secure a playoff spot, the organization and fans should be proud of the teams progress regardless of the outcome of these final games. Sabres playoff hopes

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