Rangers Coach Gallant Forces Entire Team To Stay in a Hotel

New York Rangers head coach Gerard Gallant has opted to keep his team in a New Jersey hotel to simulate road game conditions and foster team unity as they prepare for the upcoming NHL playoffs.

In an unconventional move, New York Rangers head coach Gerard Gallant has decided that his team will stay in a New Jersey hotel tonight, instead of at their own homes. This strategy is intended to help the Rangers treat the upcoming playoff games as true road games and foster a strong team bond. Gallant’s unique approach

With playoff time, you want the guys together. You want them to be around. We’re playing this the same way as if we were playing in Carolina,” Gallant said. By keeping his players in a hotel, Gallant aims to keep them focused solely on hockey and the challenges they will face in the away games ahead.

Gallant believes that removing his players from the comfort of their homes will help them concentrate on the task at hand, and potentially lead to better results on the ice. At home they may be distracted and focuses on other things, while if they are at a hotel with the teammates all of their focus will be on the game.

We will see how the Rangers do in New Jersey in game 1 and 2, and we will see if the Devils do the same when it’s time to play in New York. Gallant’s unique approach

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