Quinn Hughes and the Vancouver Canucks Show Support for Pride Night Amidst League Controversy

via NHL

Quinn Hughes wearing a Pride-themed Vancouver Canucks jersey during Pride Night celebrations.

The Vancouver Canucks, a team that has experienced a season filled with ups and downs, is taking a stand for inclusivity and acceptance by celebrating Pride Night. Defenseman Quinn Hughes has been a vocal supporter of the event, and recently spoke out about the organization’s commitment to welcoming everyone, despite controversies with other players and teams in the league.

Hughes, who has been a key player for the Canucks this season, emphasized that everyone within the organization is on board with Pride Night, and that they are all looking forward to the event. “In our organization, everyone is welcome. Every time we’ve done the pride night, I’ve worn the jersey and celebrated the night…we’re looking forward to it,” said Hughes.

Pride Night has been a staple event in the NHL for several years, with teams across the league hosting events to show support for the LGBTQ+ community. However, recent controversies involving other players and teams have brought the league into a controversial situation, where there is talks of cancelling pride night and potentially all special event nights that are similar.

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