Pierre-luc dubois is trying to force a move out of winnipeg

Dubois has not been with the Winnipeg Jets for long, but it seems like he is already trying to force a move out, saying he plans on hitting the UFA market in 2024, which is two years away. Dubois has only been with Winnipeg since January 2021, when he was traded along side a third round pick for Patrick Laine and Jack Roslovic, who both went to the Columbus Blue Jackets.

He is currently a restricted free agent, but is essentially telling the Jets that the max size contract he will sign is 2 years, meaning the Jets will certainly look at trade options. The Jets seemed to have had plans on a long term contract for the 23-year-old left winger, who has put up 80 points in 122 games with the Jets.

Dubois was part of Team Canada during the 2022 IIHF World Championship, where he put 13 points in 10 games, earning him and his team a silver medal at the tournament.

This isn’t the first time Dubois has gotten himself traded, he created the trade to get himself to the Jets by telling the Blue Jackets that he no longer wanted to play for them, which is what he essentially is telling the Jets now.

The talented winger is certainly someone most teams would love to have, especially with how good he is at only 23-years-old. The problem lies in his loyalty, this being the second time he is forcing a move in his short career. Teams likely would not be willing to give up too much unless they could agree on a long-term deal. The issue with even a long term contract, who knows if a couple years down the line he tries to force another move.

John Tortorella, who was Dubois coach in Columbus, did not hold back on making comments after the trade…

“If someone doesn’t want to be here, that’s a hard thing for me to stomach, quite honestly. … I’ll tell you this, I do think the athletes (nowadays), it’s a softer athlete. And the benching, I’d do it again.”

Safe to say Pierre-Luc Dubois is having some issues fitting into organizations in the NHL, but could be a very good player if he could find a long-term home.

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