Paul Bissonnette Calls Out Rangers as “Fugazis” Amid Playoff Struggles

Jeff Gross | Credit: Getty Images

Paul Bissonnette labels the New York Rangers as "fugazis" following their recent playoff struggles against the New Jersey Devils. Find out what led to this criticism.

Former NHL player and current podcast and TNT host, Paul Bissonnette, has criticized the New York Rangers, calling them “Fugazis,” or frauds, following their recent playoff struggles. After winning the first two games of their series against the New Jersey Devils, the Rangers have now lost three consecutive games, putting them at a 3-2 series deficit.

This isn’t the first time Biz has called the Rangers Fugazis, he likes to swing back and forth between calling them real contenders and Fugazis, but now he’s back to his original claim, a claim that goes all the way back to last season, basically calling the Rangers Frauds.

The Devils’ Game 5 victory was a decisive 4-0 win, leaving the Rangers in a precarious position as they head into Game 6. With their season on the line, the Rangers must win the upcoming game or face elimination from the playoffs.

One of the key factors in the Devils’ turnaround has been the performance of young goaltender Akira Schmid. After replacing Vanecek, who suffered losses in Games 1 and 2, Schmid has been a revelation for the Devils. In his three games, Schmid has secured three wins, posting an impressive goals-against average of 0.63 and a save percentage of .976.

The New York Rangers made several high-profile acquisitions this season, including star players Patrick Kane and Vladimir Tarasenko. Consequently, a first-round playoff exit would be a significant disappointment for the organization and its fans.

As the Rangers prepare for a crucial Game 6, they must address their recent slump and find a way to overcome the resurgent Devils and their formidable goaltender. Otherwise, they risk proving Bissonnette’s claim that they are indeed “fugazis.”

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