1 December 2023
Dan Taren
Hey everyone,

We are very excited to announce we have gone live with Kutt. Kutt is Peer-to-Peer (P2P) sports and social gaming platform that allows friends and strangers to use their knowledge of sports, politics, and pop culture to compete against each other in a variety of competitions. They provide lower fees than traditional sportsbooks, custom odds to send counterparties, no limits, social features, and the chance to bet on non-sports markets.

Kutt has used our loyalty software to build their very own personalized experience for their users. Kutt will be leveraging our technology to gamify their onboarding process, increase user referrals at a low CPA, incentivize users to try new bet types, send notifications, and increase satisfaction for their power users.

We are excited to partner with Kutt to increase their overall engagement and help keep their users active.

Scrimmage Team
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