Minnesota Vikings’ TJ Hockenson Cheers on Wild and Slams Beers


Minnesota Vikings TE TJ Hockenson supports the Wild at their playoff game, buying drinks for fans and taking pictures, showcasing his dedication to the Minnesota sports community.

Minnesota Vikings tight end TJ Hockenson was spotted in the crowd at last night’s Minnesota Wild playoff game, where he not only supported the home team but also engaged with fellow fans by buying drinks for those in his row, taking pictures with them, and of course slamming beers. Hockenson’s attendance and genuine enthusiasm for the Wild highlights his dedication to the Minnesota community and the camaraderie between local sports teams and their supporters.

The 25-year-old NFL player, who spent four years with the Detroit Lions before joining the Vikings this past season, chose to forgo the privacy of a box or exclusive seating area. Instead, Hockenson immersed himself in the heart of the action, sitting among the Wild’s passionate fan base. This approach allowed him to share a memorable experience with those around him, forging connections with the Minnesota sports community.

The Wild went on to secure a dominant 5-1 victory and take a 2-1 series lead. The tight end’s support for the Wild demonstrates the strong bonds between Minnesota’s sports teams and the significance of community spirit in the world of professional sports.

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