How Scrimmage Lowers Your VIG

In the sports betting world, VIG is all important. It is the commission that a sportsbook charges for a winning bet and it is the reason why 95% of bettors lose over time, while only 5% make money. If you can lower the VIG to zero, then you will break even as a bettor. Meaning over time you will make as much as you lose. But even trying to get a 1% edge is a full-time job. Scrimmage’s founding team knows all too well as former professional bettors ourselves. It requires digging through statistics, running simulations, and sometimes a bit of luck.

Scrimmage was created to make bettors more money, without the need to put in any of the work of a professional bettor. Scrimmage provides bettors cash back on their bets, indirectly lowering the VIG. Typically, when people think of lowering the VIG they think they will see a -105 line instead of a -110 line. While we don’t have the power to control the line you see at sportsbooks, we do have the power to give you cash back when you bet. And when you earn SCRIM tokens from the Scrimmage Rewards app, that is exactly what is happening.

SCRIM is the frequent flier miles of betting. If you already jump at sportsbook promos (which you should still take), know that Scrimmage is giving you one of those for every bet you make.

Happy betting!

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