Lightning’s Jon Cooper Calls Out Refs After Controversial Call in Game 3 Against the Leafs

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Tampa Bay Lightning coach Jon Cooper calls out referees over a controversial disallowed goal in Game 3 against the Toronto Maple Leafs. Learn more about the play and its impact on the playoff series.

In the heat of the NHL playoffs, tempers can flare and emotions run high, especially when controversial calls take center stage. Tampa Bay Lightning coach Jon Cooper made headlines when he called out the referees during his post-game interview following Game 3 against the Toronto Maple Leafs. At the heart of the controversy was a whistle blown on a loose puck that led to a disallowed goal, contributing to the Lightning’s 4-3 overtime loss.

The play in question involved Lightning forward Brayden Point, who managed to put the puck into the net after it appeared to be momentarily trapped under Leafs goalie Ilya Samsonov. However, the referees blew the whistle before the puck crossed the line, nullifying the goal and leaving the Lightning and their fans frustrated.

n his post-game interview, Cooper expressed his shock over the referee’s decision, stating, “It was shocking.”

The disallowed goal added fuel to an already intense playoff series between the Lightning and the Leafs, with Toronto now holding a 2-1 lead. As the series continues, the Lightning will need to regroup and focus on securing a win in the next game to even the score.

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