JJ Watt Responds to Spittin’ Chiclets Calling Him Out Over Wearing #99

Jason Miller / Getty Images

Former NFL star JJ Watt addresses the Spittin' Chiclets podcast's remarks about him wearing the number 99 in ice hockey, explaining the number choice and expressing his respect for Wayne Gretzky.

Recently, the popular Spittin’ Chiclets podcast called out former NFL star JJ Watt for wearing the number 99 while playing ice hockey. Watt, known for his successful career in football, has since taken up hockey as a recreational sport. In response to the podcast’s remarks, Watt took to social media to address the situation and express his respect for “The Great One,” Wayne Gretzky, whose iconic number 99 is retired league-wide.

In his response, Watt tweeted: “Love you guys, but already addressed this like a month ago. The gear was waiting for me when I showed up at Mullett. A very generous gift from a bunch of NHL alums. I have the utmost respect for The Great One. Always will.”

Watt’s clarification reveals that the number choice was not intentional, but rather a result of the gear he received from NHL alumni at the Mullett Ice Center, where he has was playing. Watt’s respectful tone and acknowledgement of Gretzky’s legendary status in the world of hockey further emphasize his admiration for the sport and its icons.

It is not uncommon for professional athletes to explore other sports during their downtime, and in Watt’s case, his passion for ice hockey has provided a new outlet for his athletic pursuits. , it is clear that his choice to wear the number 99 was not meant as a sign of disrespect, and it was just given to him.

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