Jack Hughes Speaks to the Media about Playoff Inexperience as Devils Advance

Credit: AP

New Jersey Devils' young star Jack Hughes discusses their Game 7 victory against the New York Rangers and how the team's inexperience has helped them succeed in the 2023 playoffs.

New Jersey Devils star Jack Hughes spoke to the media following their Game 7 victory against the New York Rangers, securing the series and moving on to face the Carolina Hurricanes in the second round of the 2023 playoffs. In the seven-game series, Hughes tallied 3 goals and 2 assists for a total of 5 points.

Despite the young age of the Devils’ core players, Hughes, at just 21 years old, emphasized the team’s ability to adapt and perform well under pressure. He stated, “Some people would be like, oh, they’re inexperienced, but really we’re just like… we don’t know better. We just play and we do the best we can.” The Devils’ inexperience didn’t hinder them in the playoffs, as they played their game the way they’ve been playing all year, ultimately leading them to success.

In their series against the Rangers, the Devils managed to shut out their opponents twice: a 4-0 victory in Game 5 and another 4-0 win in Game 7. The Rangers, on the other hand, failed to shut out the Devils in any of the games. The Devils completely dominated Game 7, showcasing their resilience by successfully killing off four power-play opportunities for the Rangers and minimizing scoring opportunities for the Rangers. The Devils even scored a shorthanded goal.

As the Devils prepare to face the Hurricanes in the next round, the team’s young core, led by Jack Hughes, will continue to play their game and embrace their “inexperience” as an advantage. The upcoming series will surely be a testament to their growth and resilience as they strive to make a deep run in the 2023 playoffs. No overthinking, just going out there and playing hockey the way they’ve been playing hockey. The Devils seem to be doing well in avoiding the mental battle of playoffs.

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