How can Scrimmage help me with betting?

Scrimmage Rewards

Simply put, Scrimmage acts as a rewards program for sports bettors that pays bettors cashback on their bets in the form of $SCRIM tokens. These tokens can be used to upgrade your NFTs or exchanged for real world $$$ (coming soon). Our $SCRIM tokens are backed by our affiliate contracts. Sportsbook pay us at Scrimmage for bringing them customers, and we give that money back to our users through value accrual in the $SCRIM token. $SCRIM is also supported by a portion of our NFT sales, NFT trading, and exciting partnerships (to be announced)!

Sportsbooks charge bettors for placing bets, otherwise known as VIG. In order to be a profitable sports bettor, your average edge must be greater than the average VIG you pay. In other words, you must be a lot better than the sportsbook at betting to win long term because they charge you to take the other side of the bet. Therefore, winning at betting is exceptionally hard to do. Estimates put long-term winners at under 5% of the sports betting population!!!! Scrimmage directly fights to solve that problem, by giving our users cashback on their bets that relieves some (if not all) of that VIG they are being charged. This puts ours users in a much likelier position of being able to win long term.

Our mission is pretty simple, it is to give our community an edge when they bet. Other solutions typically require buying “expert” picks or paying for data the sportsbook also uses. You may have tried these solutions and they failed, because they do not tackle the root issue, which is that sportsbooks charge you VIG to take the other side of your bet. Scrimmage solves this, and that is our simple and effective way to help you with your betting.

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