Flames are the 3rd Team in NHL History to Suffer 30 One-Goal Losses in a Season

(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

The Calgary Flames have become the third team in NHL history to suffer 30 one-goal losses in a season, leading to their elimination from playoff contention despite a positive goal differential.

The Calgary Flames have joined a dubious club in NHL history, becoming the third team ever to suffer 30 one-goal losses in a single season. Their most recent one-goal defeat came at the hands of the Nashville Predators, a loss that ultimately eliminated the Flames from playoff contention.

At the start of the season, many believed the Flames had improved their roster and were poised for success. However, the season has been nothing short of a disaster, as the team failed to secure a spot in the playoffs. In 81 games, the Flames have recorded 37 wins and a +6 goal difference, the only team with a positive goal differential missing the playoffs so far this season.

While the Flames have managed to keep games close, they consistently lacked the finishing touch needed to either tie or win games. This inability to close out tight contests has cost them dearly, as they now find themselves on the outside looking in at the postseason.

A significant factor in the Flames’ struggles has been the drop in production from newly acquired players Nazem Kadri and Jonathan Huberdeau. Both players have seen their point totals dip compared to previous seasons, which has undoubtedly hurt the Flames’ overall performance.

Furthermore, the team has struggled to find consistent offensive production. Only two players, Lindholm (64 points) and Toffoli (73 points), managed to score more than 60 points this season, with no player reaching the 75-point mark.

As the Flames reflect on their historic season of one-goal losses and missed playoff hopes, they must address their offensive woes and find a way to turn close games in their favor if they hope to return to the postseason in the future.

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