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Jordan Binnington was back to his antics against when the Blues faced off against the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Binnington has a track record of losing his cool both on and off the ice, remember when he threw a water bottle at Kadri last year?

Well this time around Binnington decided to hit Zucker in the face with his glove as he was coming around the net chasing a defenseman, basically clotheslining him and sending him flying into the boards.

Then got Binnington pulled from the game, by letting in a pretty soft goal, scored by guess who, Jason Zucker.

He wasn’t done there as he took off his helmet and chirped Zucker who was sitting on the Penguins bench.

At this point, everyone has had enough of him.

St. Louis Blues coach Craig Berube said this:

“It’s got to stop. It doesn’t help anything. Just play goal. Stop the puck.”

This is nothing new for Binnington, and if he wants to stay in this league he is going to need to fix these ego issues that he has, considering it certainly hurts his play when he gets mixed up in all this unnecessary drama he creates, and it doesn’t help when even your coach gets to a breaking point and publicly calls it out.

Zucker’s reaction to getting chirped by Binnington as he passed the bench was pretty funny…

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