Evander Kane Has an Insane Amount of PIMs Against The Golden Knights

(Photo by Andy Devlin/NHLI via Getty Images)

Edmonton Oilers' forward Evander Kane's playoff penalty minutes against the Vegas Golden Knights have reached record highs, raising questions about his impact on the team's performance.

Evander Kane, the Edmonton Oilers’ forward, has made headlines with his growing tally of playoff penalty minutes against the Vegas Golden Knights. With his recent cross-checking minor, Kane has accumulated twice as many playoff penalty minutes (88 PIMs) against the Knights as any other player in NHL history. In just three games of the current playoff season, Kane has already racked up 28 penalty minutes.

Kane’s penalty record against the Knights is a stark contrast to his performance in the first round against the Los Angeles Kings, where he only had 8 PIMs. This discrepancy has led many to believe that he harbors a particular animosity towards the Vegas team. As Kane said, F*ck around and find out.” Kane has struggled to contribute offensively in the playoffs, scoring 3 goals and adding 1 assist for a total of 4 points in 9 games.

The Oilers now find themselves down 2-1 in a fiercely contested second-round series against the Golden Knights. Kane’s aggressive style of play has become a topic of conversation and concern for both fans and analysts. Some argue that his penchant for penalties could be a hindrance to the team’s success, while others believe that his intensity and passion can be an asset in high-stakes games.

As the series continues, it remains to be seen whether Kane’s penalty minutes will continue to rise and how this will impact the Oilers’ chances of advancing in the playoffs.

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