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At 35 years of age, Sidney Crosby is still one of the most dominant players the NHL has ever seen.

The Pittsburgh Penguins are having an okay start to the season, sitting 4th in the Metro with 12 wins in 24 games, a clean .500 win loss ratio, their biggest problem being the powerplay, which is ranked 27th in the league at only 16.67%.

With a powerplay struggling that bad, its certainly hard to win games, their penalty kill does save them slightly, as their PK sits at 10th best in the league with a PK% of 80%, but none the less they heavily rely on 5v5 for offensive production.

Sidney Crosby has stepped up in that regard, currently leading the entire NHL in 5v5 points with 22 5v5 points in just 24 games. He is closely followed by Dallas Stars Jason Robertson who has 20 5v5 points, and Erik Karlsson who also has 20 5v5 points.

Crosby is currently 35 years old and in his 18th season in the NHL and is still proving his quality, he has over 300 more career points then games played, and that pace still hasn’t slowed down which shows his incredible longevity. He’s up to 32 points in 24 games, which ranks him 6th in the league in overall scoring, and he is the oldest guy in the top 20 by over 3 years.

Check out his player profile here to see the in depth stats of his performances so far this season

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