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Cristiano Ronaldo is not part of manchester united’s pre season tour

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Erik Ten Hag must not be having a good time with all these transfer issues Manchester United are facing. Cristiano Ronaldo reportedly wants out of Manchester because of the lack of ambition to improve the squad by the club, as well as because he wants to play in the Champions League. Ronaldo’s departure from the club is not as easy as it seems.

According to Fabrizio, Manchester United have give Ronaldo more time off to deal with a personal/family issue, but the question is, is it really a personal issue? We have heard reports of Ronaldo wanting to leave the club, his agent is talking to other clubs, and even Bayern have come out and rejected the idea of Ronaldo coming to the German club. Manchester United continue to deny the idea that they are open to selling Ronaldo, insisting he still has a year left on his deal.

Ronaldo is not traveling with the squad to Bangkok, a trip which Manchester United are leaving for tomorrow, 7/8/2022. It’s surprising Ronaldo is not going on the trip even just to stay fit and get some game minutes, regardless of what club he is playing for this season. Is he waiting to see if Manchester United can secure all 3 targets of De Jong, Antony, and Lisandro Martinez? If Manchester United don’t act fast in the transfer market, Ronaldo is 100% out the door, and he’s already 75% of the way there.

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The entire situation is certainly weird, Ronaldo loves the club, but the lack of ambition should surprise no one. In recent years, there have been many protests against the owners of Manchester United, almost all United fans want the Glazer family to sell the club. This transfer window, Manchester United have only brought in 2 players, one for around $20M and one for free, while allowing players like Paul Pogba, Jesse Lingard, and more to walk away from the club on free transfers. They have been in talks with Barcelona over De Jong which would be a major transfer for United, but with Barcelona’s financial situation, no one knows where that deal will end up.

Ronaldo came in third in the scoring race in the Premier League last season, and was a part of the PFA Premier League Team of the Year. Cristiano Ronaldo is now 37 years old, and certainly nearing the end of his career, which is a big reason why Ronaldo wants to play for a club showing ambition, he wants to win, it’s what he has always wanted. If Manchester United took the transfer window more serious, and made some major improvements to the squad, then I’m sure Ronaldo might have stayed regardless of Champions League football.

Transfer Rumors

There currently is a lack of any concrete rumors as to where Cristiano will end up. Bayern have said no, but they are the only club that has reportedly done so. Chelsea are reportedly interested in making a bid for a player, but I highly doubt Ronaldo would move to another Premier League club, with respects to Manchester United. Talks of moving back to the Serie A with a different club than Juventus have been up in the air, but I’m sure even Ronaldo currently has no idea where he will end up.

Cristiano Ronaldo, the best international men’s soccer player, breaks the record for most goals by an individual. Courtesy of Jan Kruger

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