Connor Bedard’s stats after his first 100 WHL Games are insane

(Ben Lypka/Abbotsford News)

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We all know about the hype that Connor Bedard has built for himself, he is a sure lock for the first overall pick in the 2023 NHL draft, with many teams dreaming of having the #1 pick in the summer.


While Bedard is the goal for many teams, having the second or third overall pick also has a ton of potential with Michkov and Fantilli projected to be in the top 3.


Connor Bedard is bringing in excitement levels we haven’t seen since McDavid, but the question is, who had the better career before the NHL?


In Bedard’s first 100 WHL games, he has scored 82 goals, picked up 95 assists, for a total of 177 points. That is an average of 1.77 points per game. Insane numbers considering he’s been younger than most of the league, coming into the league at 15.


Connor McDavid on the other hand played in the OHL, a different junior league that certainly has a different style of play.


McDavid played 166 games in the OHL, where he had 97 goals, 188 assists, for a total of 285 points, a very similar average to what Bedard is currently producing.


While they certainly have different styles of play, they both completely dominated junior leagues at a young age, and it is going to be very exciting to see where Bedard gets drafted, and if he can live up  to all the hype that is being built.

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