claude giroux perfectly describes flyers fans in recent interview

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Claude Giroux spent a long time as a member of the Philadelphia Flyers, 1000 games to be exact. He was drafted 22nd overall by the Flyers in the 2006 NHL Draft, and went on to play 14 1/2 seasons for the organization before being traded to the Florida Panthers, and then signing with the Ottawa Senators in free agency this summer. Giroux has put up 923 points in 1,018 games in his career, including 81 playoff points in 95 games.

Claude Giroux spoke on The Wally and Methot Show, where he said this about how Flyers fans will treat him when he returns to the building for the first time as a member of a different organization…

“Philly fans, so they might give me a standing O, and then they might boo me,”

– Former flyers captain claude giroux

He continued on, talking about the type of fans the Flyers have…

So that’s what I expect and I wouldn’t ask for anything else. I mean the Flyers fans are absolutely nuts. Playing in front of them, their passion, their intensity, it’s just something I can relate to… Yeah, they’re tough on their players, but when it goes well, they’re just great fans.

former flyers captain claude giroux

Giroux was loved by Flyers fans, he dedicated a large part of his career for them, and he will certainly enjoy returning to the city where he built his career.

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