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Web3, also known as the decentralized web, is quickly gaining traction in the world of sports betting. This new technology offers a number of benefits over traditional online sports betting platforms, including increased security, privacy, and transparency. One of the key features of web3 is its use of blockchain technology. This allows for secure and … Read More “Web3 is Changing Sports Betting for the Better” »


Simply put, Scrimmage acts as a rewards program for sports bettors that pays bettors cashback on their bets in the form of $SCRIM tokens. These tokens can be used to upgrade your NFTs or exchanged for real world $$$ (coming soon). Our $SCRIM tokens are backed by our affiliate contracts. Sportsbook pay us at Scrimmage … Read More “How can Scrimmage help me with betting?” »

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Bettors are always looking for ways to get winning picks, odds boosts, and other methods to make more money while betting on the sports they love. Well, now there is another way to make more money while betting. Scrimmage has built an app that works as a rewards system for active bettors. All you have … Read More “HOW TO EARN BONUS REWARDS ON YOUR SPORTS BETS” »