19 December 2023
Matt Dever

Project Summary

Kutt is a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) sports and social gaming platform that allows friends and strangers to use their knowledge of sports, politics, and pop culture to compete against each other in a variety of competitions.

In September 2023 Kutt approached us to help them launch a cash back reward program to their users. The primary reasons Kutt chose to work with us over an alternative solution included:

  1. Users became emotionally invested in Kutt
  • The math is clear, when you add a gamified loyalty program, it doubles the activity for users, and in this case that activity resulted in a doubling of direct revenue from Kutt’s users that joined the loyalty program. This is because Kutt aligned their level progression and quests with their key business objectives, which gave their users a clear goal to achieve, and we provided an intuitive way to understand how to achieve it
  1. Developer friendly
  • Kutt had a very constrained development backlog, meaning they needed a solution they could integrate within a week rather than months
  • Through the dashboard we provided Kutt they were able to quickly create the levels, rewards, redemption options, perks, and quests that they wanted for their rewards program
  1.  Customized frontend design
  • We provided Kutt with a full frontend interface, customized to their brand, and integrated directly into their app
  1. Simple ongoing management
  • The dashboard allows non-technical employees to create new quests and rewards in minutes. Additionally, if Kutt’s data structure changes for any reason, it is automatically reflected within their dashboard

Custom Design Integrated Directly into Kutt’s App

Scrimmage created a completely custom design for Kutt’s reward program.

Key Results

The impact of Scrimmage’s integration is clearly reflected in the data. Kutt user’s that have actively engaged in the reward program: 

  • Bet 4.2x more often than their non loyalty bettors
  • Are 2.0x more likely to continue playing with Kutt after 2 months of signup

Kutt’s founder, Sim Harmon, had this to say about the partnership: “Integrating Scrimmage was an obvious choice. This bespoke rewards scheme motivates users to engage in various betting activities. This naturally drives up user activity on Kutt, translating to increased revenue.”

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