Auston Matthews Surpasses 5th 40-Goal Season Milestone at Just 25 Years Old

The Canadian Press

Toronto Maple Leafs' Auston Matthews has reached his fifth 40-goal season in the NHL at just 25 years old. Can the young superstar lead the Leafs to playoff success and join the ranks of hockey's greatest legends?

Toronto Maple Leafs’ superstar Auston Matthews has made history once again, racking up his fifth 40-goal season in the NHL while still just 25 years old. With 299 career goals, Matthews currently ranks ninth for most goals scored by a player under the age of 26, joining an elite group of hockey legends.

Matthews trails Kurri (300), Ovechkin (301), Goulet (317), Bossy (335), Yzerman (342), Hawerchuk (353), Lemieux (365), and Gretzky (529) in the rankings. With his 26th birthday not until September, Matthews still has the opportunity to climb even higher on this list.

This season, Matthews has played in 73 games, scoring 40 goals and assisting 45 for a total of 85 points. His 85 points this season are the second-highest of his career, falling just short of last season’s incredible 60-goal, 106-point performance.

With just two regular-season games remaining, the Maple Leafs are preparing to face off against the Tampa Bay Lightning in the first round of the NHL playoffs. As the team gears up for this crucial matchup, Matthews’ consistent offensive production will be a key factor in their success.

Auston Matthews’ record-breaking achievements at such a young age have solidified his place among the NHL’s elite. As his career continues to unfold, fans and analysts alike are excited to see what further milestones he can achieve and whether he can help bring the coveted Stanley Cup back to Toronto.

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