Anaheim Ducks Secure Top Odds for Connor Bedard in Upcoming NHL Draft

Jonathan Kozub

The Anaheim Ducks finish 32nd in the league and secure the best odds at drafting Connor Bedard in the 2023 NHL Entry Draft. Will their losing streak ultimately pay off with the addition of this talented prospect?

The Anaheim Ducks have finished 32nd in the league, giving them the best odds at landing the highly-touted prospect, Connor Bedard, in the 2023 NHL Entry Draft on May 8th. The Ducks’ dismal season-ending losing streak of 13 games has resulted in a 25.5% chance of securing the first overall pick, with Bedard expected to be the top selection.

This losing streak, though unfortunate, has fueled speculation that the Ducks may have been strategically “tanking” to secure the best odds for the first overall pick without making it too obvious. If successful, this strategy could potentially bring Connor Bedard, the most exciting prospect since Connor McDavid and Sidney Crosby, to the Anaheim franchise.

In his remarkable 57-game WHL season, Bedard scored an impressive 71 goals and contributed 72 assists for a total of 143 points. His playoff performance was equally outstanding, with 10 goals and 10 assists in just 7 games. The young star’s undeniable talent and potential make him a highly sought-after addition to any NHL team.

The Ducks have been steadily building a strong, young core with promising players like Trevor Zegras, Troy Terry, Mason McTavish, and Jamie Drysdale. The potential acquisition of Bedard would be a massive boost for the franchise, bolstering their roster and increasing their chances of becoming a competitive force in the league.

As the draft approaches, Ducks fans are no doubt eagerly awaiting the results of the lottery, hoping that their team’s struggles this season will ultimately lead to the addition of Connor Bedard. If the Ducks do secure the first overall pick, the future of the franchise could be significantly brighter.

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