Alexander Volkanovski vs. MAx Holloway III

We’ve got two title fight tonight on the UFC 276 card and the biggest draw is Volkanovski vs.Holloway. This is the third and presumably final fight between this legendary duo. Volkanovski won the first two fights but not by much. Fight 1 ended in an unanimous victory while fight 2 ended in a split decision. Who comes out on top tonight?

Holloway: Creator: Vaughn Ridley | Credit: Getty Images Copyright: 2018 Getty Images
Volkanovski: Creator: James Gilbert  Copyright: 2022 Getty Images

McBets Pick of the Night: Max Holloway Wins

Volkanovski is the current featherweight champion and the #2 pound for pound fighter in the world. He has defended his belt in his previous three fights. Don’t count Holloway out though. The former champion has worked his way back into contention with a monster year and is just as dangerous as ever. This fight may be just as close as the first two but with a different outcome.

Let us know who you are taking!

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