Alexander ovechkin made his debut for fc dynamo moscow

Alexander Ovechkin signed a 1 game contract with FC Dynamo Moscow to play in a friendly match, and it was amazing to watch. Alex’s father Mikhail Ovechkin was a professional football player, and played for FC Dynamo Moscow back in his day. Alex wore the number 3 in his one game with the club, the same number that his father wore.

Ovechkin is a big man standing at 6 foot 3, 236 pounds, and just look at him playing the body, nobody stood a chance trying to out muscle him off the ball.

Alex Ovechkin found himself standing alone at the top left of the box, wide open, just like he does on the ice, and you’ll never guess what he did next.

HE SCORED. A left footed finish into the bottom right corner, and Ovi was electric. It’s safe to say Alexander Ovechkin is now a multi-sport athlete.

After this performance Alexander Ovechkin might be getting some contract offers from other clubs soon to play as their big man finisher in the box.

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