38-Year-Old Joe Pavelski Produces One of the Best Playoff Performances in Recent History

Credit: David Kirouac-USA TODAY Sports

Dive into the story of Joe Pavelski's record-breaking performance as he becomes the oldest player in NHL history to score four goals in a single game after a remarkable comeback from injury.

Joe Pavelski of the Dallas Stars returned to the ice after a 15-day injury hiatus and immediately made history. During game one of the second-round playoff series between the Dallas Stars and the Seattle Kraken, the 38-year-old (+295 days) forward broke the NHL record for the oldest player to score four goals in a single game, encompassing both regular season and playoff performances.

Pavelski sustained an injury during the Stars’ first-round series against the Minnesota Wild but made a triumphant comeback in the second round against the Kraken. Throughout the game, Pavelski logged a TOI (time on ice) of 19:29, took six shots on target, scored four goals, had one takeaway, made three blocks, and won all nine of his faceoffs. He also finished the night with a +3 rating.

Despite the Stars ultimately losing the game 5-4 in overtime, Pavelski’s astounding display in his comeback game will undoubtedly go down in history as one of the most memorable playoff performances in recent times. It wasn’t just his goal scoring record, but he won every single face-off he took, blocked 3 shots, and had a takeaway. Just ridiculous stuff from anyone, better yet coming from a 38 year old who was just out for 2 weeks with injury. Joe Pavelski was also a 7th round pick, one of the best 7th round picks in NHL History.

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